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Digital asset management allows marketers and designers to innovate, according to Jay Noce, CEO of BravasLive.

Jay Noce, as CEO of intelligent content production business BravasLive, believes that countless hours can be saved through digital asset management. With hectic schedules and constant requests for content, the seasoned marketing, and advertising technology leader suggests that digital asset management is “essential” for marketers and designers in 2018.

“Management, salespeople, field representatives, other team members – marketers and designers are constantly challenged,” says Noce. This, he reckons, leaves inadequate time for brainstorming or devising new strategies. “The organization of digital assets and the optimization of content is vital,” he adds. “Content is any marketer’s most valuable asset, and its proper organization is essential to any successful campaign.”

The benefits of digital asset management are numerous, according to Noce. “Chief among the benefits is a reduction in ‘back-and-forth.’ Emailing files is as inefficient as it is outdated,” he suggests. “Digital asset management does away with this and allows for streamlined communication and the sharing of files across multiple teams, wherever they’re based.”

It’s Noce’s belief that by eliminating much of this back-and-forth, everyone involved has more time to focus on what’s important. “New ideas, new strategies – by getting rid of the ‘admin’ of sharing or circulating content the old fashioned way, designers and marketers are free to explore new options and get creative,” he adds.

At BravasLive, the company suggests that digital asset management facilitates the “creativity and innovation” which is vital to business and within teams of all sizes. “Digital asset management drives innovation and increases productivity,” points out Noce. “In the time freed up by employing digital asset management, marketing and design staff are free to once again get innovative.”

Noce continues, “Our platform truly empowers designers and marketers to execute their marketing campaigns more efficiently. While content is a marketer’s most valuable asset, time is life’s most valuable asset – and that’s what we give back. More hours in your day to do more of what you love and what keeps you inspired.”  

Jay Noce is a seasoned marketing and advertising technology leader. Noce has served as a C-level executive and private equity investor for over a dozen high-profile firms and is actively involved with numerous philanthropic ventures. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in economics from Randolph-Macon College and an MBA from Virginia Tech University, as well as certifications in a number of areas relating to sales, management, leadership, and mentoring.

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