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Peter Noce

Whether online or offline, marketing success in 2018 requires an abundance of relevant and authentic content.

Navigating content chaos often comes with enormous costs, as well as numerous compliance issues and other complexities. As marketers continue to segment, micro-segment and hyper-target everyone from general audiences to individuals the need for customized and focused content arises. In addition to more granular customization and messaging, there are a growing number of platforms to attempt to reach your target; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn, email marketing, print ads, digital ads, billboards, radio ads, tv ads, streaming ads – and the list continues to grow! This, according to Jay Noce, CEO of intelligent content production business BravasLive, is the root cause of so-called content chaos.

“It’s a phenomenon which affects businesses of all shapes and sizes,” suggests Noce. His solution, however, on the surface of it at least, is simple. “Orders of magnitude more intelligent content,” adds the BravasLive CEO. To those in the know, this likely comes as no surprise in an age where relevant and authentic content is king—or queen—of large swathes of the marketing arena.

“It’s currently estimated that almost 20% of a typical employee’s working day can now be spent tangled up in content,” reveals Noce.

Indeed, a recent study by consulting firm McKinsey & Company—an American global management consulting firm—discovered that, on average, employees now spend up to 90 minutes per day drowning in content.

“They’re drowning, quite literally, in a sea of content chaos,” says Noce.

The solution

Noce goes on to explain that at BravasLive, he and his team offer some of the world’s most advanced intelligent content production solutions and services.

“At BravasLive, our patent-pending solutions,” says Noce, “are all built on three defining pillars applied with best practices, standards, and scoreboard-based metrics.”

And those pillars? “Omni-media production automation, best practice application, and transparent value delivery commitments,” explains the CEO.

Noce also points out that so-called content chaos is by no means a new phenomenon. 

In the last five years alone, the amount of importance placed on high-quality content has increased threefold according to industry figures. During the same period, however, the number of marketers believing that they are effectively executing enough content and efficiently tracking content utilization metrics has halved.

“This,” emphasizes Noce, “is exactly what content chaos looks like in 2018.”

So, what are the primary causes of content chaos? “An inability to keep up with content production demands, failure to contain production costs, a reduction in speed or agility, and a lack of precision, control, and compliance,” suggests Noce.

To learn more about Jay Noce and BravasLive, please visit https://www.bravaslive.com/.

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